The Refugees of Daffodil Cottage
Max Rudd

Led by Justin the Blackbird, the birds undertake an arduous journey to find a new home at Tumble Bank Mill; an old watermill converted into a museum. Here they meet White Wings the Barn Owl – leader of a growing band of refugees from the encroachment of civilisation.

A severe winter brings new hardships for Justin and his friends; Rusty Robin, Albert and Elizabeth Sparrow, Peter and Molly Blue Tit and Ronnie and Queenie Starling. Ever mounting human activity, competition from a neighbouring flock of tree sparrows and the fear of feral cats near the mill only add to the pressures the friends must face if they are to survive.

5 Stars by Robin Leigh Morgan
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A wonderful tale … I will keep a look out for more from this author.

- anonymous Librarything.com member

Lovely book, showing the impact human activity has on the life of birds, but also a book about friendship.

- anonymous Librarything.com member